Your 2015 Volunteer of the Year: Leonard Lake!

I've got to admit, it isn't easy to single out one individual as the Boise Bicycle Project's Volunteer of the Year.  The beauty of our volunteer program is that everyone contributes in their own way and the variety of approaches is what makes the whole thing work.  Even if our Volunteer Corps was made up entirely of Clancy Anderson or Bonnie Holtzclaw clones, we'd be missing something in a lack of diversity.  It really does take a village to push this organization forward and keep making progress toward our goals.  However, the BBP and Boise are small enough that one person's efforts can make an immediate, noticeable difference. 

I asked the BBP's staff, volunteers, members and board for their Volunteer of the Year nominations this year.  I can't be everywhere at once and don't always see the extra effort that our volunteers are making, especially during big events like Tour de Fat.  Nominations ranged widely and every one of the folks who were nominated could have taken home the award.  However, when Lucky Kelley (BBP Member #3 and former VOTY) makes a nomination it carries a substantial extra weight.  In Lucky's words, "it is time to recognize all that he has done for us."

 Leonard Lake accepting the 2015 BBP Volunteer of the Year Award on Thursday, October 8. 

Leonard Lake accepting the 2015 BBP Volunteer of the Year Award on Thursday, October 8. 

Leonard has been stacking up an impressive record since he started volunteering back in 2011.  He is one of our most consistent volunteer mechanics and is a huge asset with BBP's special events, year after year.  However, this isn't a lifetime achievement award.  Leonard is one of a handful of volunteers who does it all and he really covered the bases in 2015.  He'll pop into the occasional volunteer night but gets most of his wrenching done during his regular Friday shop shifts.  Leonard always arrives with a smile, ready to get it done.  He doesn't mind tackling the tough jobs and I know his bikes will be rock solid.  

Leonard doubles down on his volunteer efforts during special event season, though he won't often be found in the spotlight.  Much of what he does happens behind the scenes, tackling the crucial setup and teardown shifts along with other critical but less glamorous jobs.  He has also become a pro at operating our Bike Valet Parking for Tour de Fat, the Treefort Music Festival and other events.  The organizational skills required to park and retrieve a few thousand bikes in an orderly fashion don't exactly grow on trees and I'm always stoked to see Leonard's name next to a Bike Valet shift!

I could go on singing his praises but the purpose of all this is to say thank you.  So Thank You, Leonard for all that you've done and all you continue to do for the BBP.  Thanks to everyone who nominated their Volunteer of the Year; I truly value your input.  Of course, a hearty thanks to all of the volunteers who give so much of their time and talent to make Boise a better place.  You guys are the chain that keeps cranking the BBP forward! 

Thanks for reading!