OUR Mission

Boise Bicycle Project 501(c)(3) (BBP) is a community-oriented cooperative that promotes the personal, social, and environmental benefits of bicycling. BBP functions as a bicycle recycling center as well as an educational workspace in a diverse and non-threatening atmosphere. Through education and access to affordable refurbished bicycles BBP strives to build a stronger bicycling community.

Our vision

We believe that Boise has the potential to be the cycling capital of America and envision the Boise Bicycle Project as one of the key community leaders to help it reach that potential.

We've experienced the quality of life enhancing benefits that bicycling can provide. Through education and access to quality affordable bicycles, we are doing our part in making Boise a better place to live each and everyday.

We believe the bicycle can be a tool to create positive social change. By collaborating with other like minded organizations and members in the community, we hope to strengthen lives far beyond the bicycle. 

OUR VAlues


In a perfect world, everyone (regardless of income) would have access to a reliable bicycle for transportation needs. By refurbishing donated bicycles and teaching bicycle education, BBP strives to make this access attainable.


Bicycles in disrepair often find their way to the landfill. BBP takes the environmentally friendly aspect of cycling to the next level by recycling these bicycles and their parts into better,  stronger bicycles for sustainable transportation.


Bicycling and bicycle repair can be intimidating for many people. BBP is a DIY bike shop where everyone (regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other boundary) can build confidence and knowledge in a welcoming environment.


Many of us experienced the empowerment and freedom of a bicycle at a young age. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many kids in our own community. BBP is committed to making this experience a reality for every kid in the Treasure Valley.  


A bicycle is a tool that creates opportunity and connects people to their community. By building partnerships with other like-minded organizations, BBP hopes to build a community of vibrance, compassion, innovation, and positive collective impact.

Bicycling is a wonderful way to make our community more livable, improve our air quality and help our residents stay healthy.
— Boise Mayor David Bieter

Our Past Annual Reports