BYOB (Bring Your Own Bicycle) Member's Class


Every Wednesday Night (6:30-8pm) BBP hosts a special educational shop time for its Alley Cat and Century Ride Members. These hands on classes are designed to give BBP's Members the tools, knowledge, and empowerment needed to keep their bicycles rolling strong while enjoying/spreading the countless benefits of bicycling around Boise. 

Each week BBP covers a different aspect of regular bicycle maintenance targeted around a specific component group. BBP encourages Members to bring their own bikes to class. Our goal is for you to get to know your own bicycle a little better, to gain an greater knowledge of bicycle repair, and to leave class with a smoother riding bicycle. We believe periodical-to-regular attendance of these classes with keep you rolling all year long! 

*Please bring only 1 bike to class at a time. 

*Each week there will be 8 spots for Members with personal bikes. BBP will reserve 2 stands with BBP bikes for overflow members to work as a group. First come first serve. Signup begins at 6pm. 

*The classes are free and for Members only, but feel free to bring a guest to try one out. 



1.    Getting to Know Your Bicycle: Customized Bike Fit/Adjustment

2.  Improving the Way Your Tires Roll: Tires, Tubes, Leaks, and Flats

3.    Revamping Your Ride With Buttery Hubs: Hub Inspection and Overhaul

4.    Creating Straight Wheels That Last: Wheel Truing/Straightening

5.    Making Your Bike Stop On A Dime: Brake/Pad Inspection, Adjustment, Replacement

6.    How Checking Your Chain Will Save Your Gears… and Money: Chain/Cassette/Freewheel Inspection, Replacement, and Lubrication.

7.    Unlocking the Power of Your Cables and Housing: Inspecting/Servicing Brake and Shifter Cable Systems. 

8.    Easy and Effective Headset Adjustments: Inspecting/Servicing Headset

9.    Clicking, Ticking, Creaking, Squeaking? Time to Service Your Poor Bottom Bracket: Bottom Bracket Inspection, Overhaul, and Replacement and Crank Removal

10.    A Guide For Easy, Effective, and Crisp Shifting: Front and Rear Derailleur Adjustment.


View the BBP Calendar HERE for class each week's class theme, and for more info and questions, email