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Member's BYOB Class- A Guide For Easy, Effective, and Crisp Shifting

A Guide For Easy, Effective, and Crisp Shifting: Front and Rear Derailleur Adjustment 

(Recommended 1 time a year, or whenever you experience delays, weird noises, and general difficulty when shifting)

Most bikes have somewhere between 1 and 33 gear combinations. Even though you probably only need about 7-10 of those, you should still be able to shift into just about any of them with ease. Your derailleurs (front and rear) move your chain on to higher/harder gears for going downhill or onto lower/lazier gears for going uphill. With good adjustment and shifting technique, you should be able to ride just about anywhere. In this class, you will learn how to adjust/tune your front and rear derailleur. Everyone will leave with quicker crisper shifting.

*Please bring only one bicycle per member

Earlier Event: December 10
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Later Event: December 15
Volunteer Night