What's Happening this Summer?

With school wrapping up many people have been wondering how they can keep their children active and involved over the summer months. I wanted to lay out some options that hopefully can keep kids busy in a variety of ways!

First, youth are always encouraged to volunteer with us. We have volunteer nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays form 6-8pm. These volunteer nights are not "youth specific," but there are many youth who are involved during these nights and it can be a great time for the whole family. During these volunteer nights we spend a lot of time repairing kids' bikes that will be given away during our Kids B.A.S.H. or stripping apart bikes for parts. It is a great way for anyone to get more familiar with bikes! We encourage all volunteers to attend a volunteer orientation which is held on the first Tuesday of every month. If these dates don't work, or you would like to get involved sooner, please feel free to email me!

For kids looking to learn more specific mechanical skills and who are ages 13-18 we have a Mechanic's Apprentice class. This is an 8 session course that is designed to teach youth most of the mechanic's skills necessary to maintain and service their own bike. We have shifted away from a formal evening group class to a one on one hands-on class to be scheduled during shop open hours. Once members complete the requirements and pass a hands-on test they receive a Mechanic's Apprentice Certificate and a membership so they can keep coming in to the shop and practice their skills.

This summer we also have a unique opportunity in collaboration with The Cabin (a non-profit dedicated to inspiring young writers). This opportunity is in the form of a week long summer writing camp that is themed around bikes! Students will spend the first hour with BBP learning bike safety, history, and whatever else bike-themed our presenters can come up with! The camp runs from June 20-24th. For more information please visit http://www.thecabinidaho.org/event/words-on-wheels-with-the-boise-bicycle-project-grades-6-9/.

Be sure to check our calendar regularly for mobile kids fix-it nights and other youth related activities. Also, if you have any ideas for ways to get your youth involved or for events you would like to see, please let me know! And, until next time, thanks for POPin' in.