Anser, Bike-A-Thons, and Goings Ons

Happy Wednesday to All! I want to start off with some news that we received from Anser Charter School on Wednesday, May 18th. To preface, I was invited to their end of year celebration of learning and told that some members of a science class would be honoring BBP for our service to the community. I happily accepted the invitation and was excited to attend the event as I have been teaching an elective bike mechanic's class at Anser over the last few weeks and know many of the students. I went in with the expectation that they would be giving a general thank you and a hand shake, but what they gave was much more.

The students in Anser's four science classes were asked to research a non-profit in Boise, and then present their findings to their peers. Peers in each class then voted for their top 3, and the top 3 then presented to aboard of faculty and peers and answered questions in a panel type discussion. After the second presentation classes voted for their top pick out of the 3 and BBP won in two classes! The students at Anser never fail to amaze me. They show a commitment to their community and are genuinely interested in making Boise a better place for their future.

At the presentation one of the students who attends the Thursday elective gave a very professional introduction of BBP and what we do for the community. He then presented BBP with a check for $1,500 which was received in coordination with a grant that Anser received from Century Link! I was blown away and not expecting this at all, and in the middle of our RtRtR campaign, this was a phenomenal gift. I can't thank Anser and their students enough for being generous enough to give back to BBP.

In other POPin news, yesterday I accompanied 16 students and some wonderful volunteers from Garfield Elementary in a ride from Garfield to Ivywild Park and back. Many students are participating in our Bike-A-Thon and will get to record a couple of miles for their records. Students learned how to ride in a group and how the dynamics of a group ride work. It was awesome to see many of these students riding bikes that they received from a Kids' Bash and it was a reminder that students are out riding these bikes every day and that the work our staff, volunteers, and community puts in is truly making a difference. The ride went smoothly and everyone had a blast! They were rewarded with some time to play in the park and some even got an after-ride ride in to Jackson for some refreshments!

The BBP Mobile Fix-It Calendar is also filling up and we will be needing volunteers to help out in the coming weeks/months. This week on May 26th we have a mobile fix-it night at Pioneer Community Center from 5-7 p.m. At the mobile fix-it nights we pull The Max Mobile Repair Trailer to different locations and offer free kids' bike repair. We will provide stands, tools, and basic repair parts for our volunteers and mechanics to get these bikes taken care of. These fix-it nights can get pretty full, and the more volunteer help we get the better. You can sign up here:

While the link says "mechanical assistance" we can use any volunteer in any capacity, whether it is organizing the kids in an orderly fashion on our repair sign-up board, or just chatting with them about bikes, bike safety, or dinosaurs. It's going to be a good time. Be sure to check the BBP calendar for other mobile fix-it night opportunities, and until next time, thanks for POPin in!