A Community Bike and Dog Park

Sharing the Outdoors    Learning Together    Building Community


Community Meeting 

5/30 6pm @ Boise Bicycle Project 

For the last 2 years the Boise Bicycle Project has served as an advisor to the proposed Community Bike and Dog Park. While we are not the decision makers leading the project, we are excited to play a supporting role in providing outreach and opportunities for the community to engage in this impactful project. 

On Wednesday May 30th at 6pm, the Boise Bicycle Project will be hosting an informational meeting with Alpine Parks (the park designer) and the City of Boise. We encourage all to attend who would like to learn more about the project, its history, its timeline going forward, and the opportunities to get involved. 

Please RSVP on facebook or send an email to Jimmy@boisebicycleproject.org if you have any questions. If we can't answer them, we can direct you to someone who can. 


Benefits of the Proposed Community Bike and Dog Park


People Who Ride

  • A safe space for riders of all ages and ability levels to grow skills
  • 2 Paved pump tracks for kids and adults
  • Single track trails with technical features for beginners-experts
  • Bike specific flow trails for striders-dirt jumpers
  • Bike repair stations and bike parking
  • Centralized area to teach rider responsibility, trail advocacy, and rider safety 

People with Pets

  • Shade and water for pets and their people
  • Distinguished areas for active pets, mellow pets, and fetching
  • Improved landscape (less mud on the fur and thorns in the paws) 
  • Direct access to trails and ponds

People on Foot

  • Increased multi-use trails
  • Shade structures and seating
  • Drinking fountains and restrooms
  • Improved pedestrian access and parking
  • Park like areas for general use
  • Traffic calming and pedestrian crossings

Environmental Impact

  • Landscaping in Bike and Dog Park will increase native plantings while decreasing invasive species
  • Military Reserve location is contained to previously landscaped area rather than destruction of natural foothills space
  • Water containment plan is incorporated into design while decreasing existing erotion issues  

History of BBP's Involvement

For the last several years the Boise Bicycle Project has been in the Parks and Rec Department’s ear, exploring options to create areas for the youth in our programs to ride safely, learn biking skills, and enjoy the outdoors. We’ve had some funding on the table and several possible locations for something small scale identified, but it’s never come to fruition. 

2 years ago we were contacted by the City of Boise and the J. A. & Kathryn Albertson Foundation about an opportunity to create a unique Community Bike Park that would give riders of all ages and ability levels a place to ride, learn, and enjoy the outdoors together. This seemed like a dream come true and we jumped at the opportunity.

After dozens of sites were examined for environmental impact and accessibility, we were excited to learn the Military Reserve Dog Park was selected as the best option. Of all the available locations, this space not only proved to be the most sustainable for a community building bike park, it created an opportunity to significantly enhance a dog park that was in desperate need of an overhaul, and an opportunity to create a more park-like public space for those living in the surrounding neighborhoods. As a dog owners and advocates for outdoor public space we were thrilled to see the project would create a truly inclusive space for all trail users.


After more than a year of due diligence, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation selected Alpine as the design and construction lead for Boise’s community bike and dog park. The Foundation is donating Alpine’s services to the Boise Community.

Alpine’s greatest goal is “building community” and we take this to heart. Our facilities are more than just a place to ride bikes - they are community gathering-places where people from different walks of life can interact and learn to live together.  It is this education and temperance that builds great people and great societies and we take pride in bringing people together that have different perspectives. 

On the path to building community, collaborative teamwork, thoughtful community engagement, care for the environment, and the construction of sustainable landscapes, are all integral to our work.

We strive not only to maintain our planet’s environmental integrity, but also improve and enhance it, creating sustainable facilities that benefit communities for decades to come.