BBP Bike-In Artist

Bike-In Artist is one of BBP’s newest programs that brings together two of the greatest things about Boise - bikes and art - with the goal of fostering a creative, connected, and culturally vibrant community in Boise. In partnership with Swell Artist Collective, BBP is teaming up with four local artists to create world class poster designs. The posters will promote four of BBP's annual events: Bikin’ for Lovin’, Pedal 4 the People, the BBP Anniversary Celebration, and the Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway.  

The new collaborative program is designed to...

  • Elevate the cooperation of Boise’s bicycle and art community
  • Inspire creativity and participation in BBP’s events and work space
  • Provide sustainable funding and exposure to local artists and BBP

Limited edition prints of each artist’s design will be available for sale at BBP events and online, with the original prints being auctioned at BBP’s Annual Appreciation Party. Proceeds from poster sales will be reinvested into following year’s Bike-In-Artist Program. To increase exposure and highlight the benefit of art in the work space, each artist is encouraged to showcase and sell their personal work at BBP events and in the shop, with 100% of those sales going directly back to the artist.

P4TheP art revised.jpg

Kelly Knopp

Kelly Knopp is an illustrator who has built a successful career as a graphic designer, and has been published locally and internationally in various forms; everything from beer labels and snowboards to children's books, illustrations, and apps. He first realized an attraction to art as a 6th grader in Riverside, California, and soon discovered an innate talent. Armed with a keen imagination and creative skill, he developed his own style through nontraditional ways and means, guided by trial and error. Primarily working in pen and ink and digital graphic design, Knopp also has a lot of fun experimenting with murals, wood, and other medias. His process begins as a concept, often times starting with a pencil sketch. He may ink the design as well, and perhaps finish the elements digitally. Knopp’s work is strange and unexpected, inspired by the narrative of everyday life happenings and personal experiences. Knopp resides in Boise, Idaho, where he is a co-owner of Swell Artist Collective.  

More of his unique work can be found here:


Bruce Maurey

Bruce Maurey was born and raised in New Jersey until the age of fourteen, when his family moved to Southern California. His career in art and design began at the Art Institute, Laguna Beach where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Arts. In the early 90’s, Bruce entered the action sports industry and worked with a number of snowboard companies designing logos, board graphics, and marketing materials. In 1999, Bruce moved to Idaho with his touring band and began his freelance business, Maurey Design. Now living and working in Boise, Bruce continues to design and create art for hobby and for hire. He maintains a steady stream of design work while continuing to explore and hone his unique painting style. Bruce’s paintings draw inspiration from his time spent living near the Mexico border. Dia de los Muertos characters are typically the focal points of his works. His vibrant colors and whimsical scenes represent a celebration of life and death as he is able to honor both his past and those passed.

Visit to check out more of his amazing work.


John Warfel

John Warfel is half-basque man and North End resident who works at a local advertising agency. He helps create work that engages potential customers with our clients' stories. Photography, design, illustration and video all come into play. "It is great to create for a living," he says. 

But in order to get his hands dirty after a day spent working on a computer, he pursues artistic endeavors like drawing, print making and t-shirt design. He really like worms and tentacles, unconventionally attractive people, lightning, candy, ravens, peanut butter, and hard rock about dragons. 

He has also started creating his own notebooks. "It's been a bit of a pain-in-the-ass", he says. "So don't ask me why I keep trying. I'm a sucker for punishment I guess." 

Be sure to checkout his website to see all of his awesome work:

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Julia Green

Julia Green is an illustrator born, raised and currently residing in Boise, ID. Her work is a mix of humor and soft feelings inspired by wildlife in Idaho, her favorite cat buddies, biking, secret societies, and fables. Her characters border the lines of Saturday morning cartoons and whimsied reality, creating magic within the borders of her tangible imagination.

Her work includes gig posters, album artwork, t-shirts, spot illustrations, card designs, surface patterns for gift wrap and rain boots, plus so much more.

Head on over to to check out all of her amazing illustrations!