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As a Nonprofit Bicycle Shop...

-We make quality refurbished bicycles and parts available to the community at affordable prices.

-We provide an open workspace and experienced mechanics to help you work/learn to work on your own bicycle. 

-We believe that riding and working on a bicycle is an empowering experience for the whole community to enjoy. 


3 Ways to Fix Your Bike (DIY Style)



For $60/$100 a year, you can become a member and use the shop whenever it is open at no additional cost. More about membership...


If you’re not a member, it costs $10/hour to use the shop. Some specialty tools that require extra training may have additional costs. 


BBP offers a work trade program for those without necessary funds. 1 hour of work = 1 hour of shop use. More about Work Trade...


Used Bikes and Parts For Sale

During Open Shop times, BBP's retail area operates similar to a thrift store. We almost always have 10-15 bicycles for sale (ranging from $80-$350), and a huge variety of parts available for purchase. Each bicycle and part is thoroughly examined and refurbished before going on the shelf. The inventory changes daily.  

We are committed to offering quality sustainable bicycles and parts that can be used for daily transportation.


Visit the shop to check out our inventory of good to go and as-is bikes! 



New Parts For Sale


BBP does not want to compete with traditional bike shops, but we do want to make sure we offer items essential for long term transportation. We select our inventory extremely carefully based on sustainability, where it's made (local priority), and affordability. It must meet our standards in all 3 categories before we stock it. You won't find a lot of options on new parts at BBP, but you will find options that we believe in enough to use on our personal bikes.  

New Items Include: Front & Rear Racks, Baskets, Fenders, Commuting Handlebars, Chains, Cables, Tubes, Commuting Tires (thorn resistant), Bells, Locks, Lights, Patch Kits, and a few other items essential for commuting.