Boise now has more than 50 Bicycle Friendly Businesses!

The League of American Bicyclists has just announced three more Boise businesses that can officially call themselves "Bicycle Friendly."

Now, with 51 certified Bicycle Friendly Businesses (BFB), Boise is making strong headway in becoming the Bicycle Capital of America and gaining on Fort Collins, CO, the city with the most BFB's in the country.

The four newest additions to claim Bicycle Friendly Business status are Just Eat Local, which is the umbrella business for Bittercreek & Red Feather Lounge, The Boise Food Co-op, Drake Cooper, and the Shandro Group.


Drake Cooper.jpg

Drake Cooper, a long time leader in sustainable choices, came in on top with Gold level recognition from the League. They've very appropriately made room for this award right next to their many Platinum ACHD May in Motion awards. Gold level designation is not an easy accomplishment; Drake Cooper goes above and beyond to encourage bicycling and enhance their bicycle friendliness for their company, and for Boise.

Drake Cooper boasted about their very distinguished designation:

"We love Boise, And we love it best on a ten-speed. Or a three-speed.  Or a fixed gear trick-poppin’ wheelie machine. We show love for skateboards, roller skates and in extreme instances of friendship, roller blades. We are proud to have institutionalized our gear love with cash incentives for not driving a car and Boise Green Bike memberships as a benefit of employment. Join our team for a ride sometime." 


The Boise Food Co-op received Silver designation because they go the extra mile to make their co-workers, co-owners, and guests have the best shopping experience and because they give that same 110% attitude when it comes to encouraging biking. Says Mo Valko, Food Co-op co-worker & co-owner:

"As a leader in sustainability in the Treasure Valley, the Boise Co-op is really excited to be a part of the Bicycle Friendly Business community. We hope to see more communities look to the North End neighborhood as a model for walkability and bikeability."

The Boise Food Co-op recently installed a new covered bike parking facility, a bike repair stand, and offer a punch card that'll reward you with a free (delicious, if I say so myself) sandwich or burrito just for you walking or biking to the co-op.  Beyond that, the co-op has indoor bike parking for co-workers, hosts a Bike to Work Day breakfast station (that's right, free breakfast for bike commuters) each year on National Bike to Work Day in May, and is an ongoing supporter of the Boise Bicycle Project and Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance.


Just Eat Local, representing Bittercreek Alehouse & Red Feather Lounge, received Bronze status from the League. In the past year, they've kicked up their dedication to being bicycle friendly. They hosted their first Bike from Work Celebration on National Bike to Work Day, complete with free beer for bike commuters and a fundraiser benefiting Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance. They committed to making biking easy and accessible for their employees by becoming Business Members at the Boise Bicycle Project, which provides unlimited shop time and free maintenance classes so their bikes are always in prime condition and ready to roll. Keep an eye out for more things rolling your way from Just Eat Local; they're putting their power foot forward to promote bicycling in Boise.


shandroGroup(5x5) (3).png

As the only insurance agency in town that can call itself a Bicycle Friendly Business, Shandro Group was awarded Silver BFB designation by the League of American Bicyclists. Located in Hyde Park, they capitalize on the bicycle friendliness of their surroundings. They offer loaner bikes for employees and guests who may have driven to work, but can bike to meetings, allow bikes to be stored inside, and have maintenance tools on hand for quick fixes. The Shandro Group takes their commitment to encouraging bicycling to the next level by attending public meetings to advocate for cyclists and bicycling in Boise, and is working to establish a Boise GreenBike station outside of their business. The Shandro Group is proud to be called a Boise Bicycle Friendly Business:

"The Shandro Group is proud to encourage more biking in our community by becoming a Bicycle Friendly Business and look forward to doing even more in the future."

We have more BFB's than Portland! Help us keep growing!

If you or your business is interested in learning more about the Bicycle Friendly Business program, joining the 50 (and growing!) Boise Bicycle Friendly Businesses, or taking steps to become more bicycle friendly, email

Says Kelly, Development Director with Boise Bicycle Project and League Certified Instructor,

"51 certified Bicycle Friendly Businesses is not a small number; with these 50 businesses and the thousands of people who are employed by them all promoting, advocating, and embracing bicycling as a mode of transportation, Boise is well on its way to being one of the best cities for bikes in the nation."

For more information on the League of American Bicyclists and a complete list of Bicycle Friendly Businesses in Boise and nationwide, visit