Making Dreams Come True, One Bike at a Time

It’s 10:00 AM and the shop is a buzz! Jimmy & Adam have arrived with the last load of bikes. We’ve got 6 volunteer mechanics itching to get wrenching! We’ve got about 4 hours to dream-ify these 24 bikes: true the wheels, replace the tire tubes, tighten the brakes, grease the chain, new pedals, new handle bar grips, new saddles. Does Hellen want a bell? I know Veronica and Alexis want their bike glitterfied.

We're up to almost $3,000 raised and we're well on our way to our goal of $24,000! When you donate, be sure to #hashtag the kid’s name or stoker business of the kid you’d like to sponsor. $10 gets a kid 1 mile closer to their goal of 100 miles in the month of May and gets us closer to our goal of raising $1000 per kid to go toward our Youth Earn-A-Bike and Kids Fix-It Programs!

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