Caleb needs your help! We’ve been this kid. You’ve been this kid too.

24 Hour Dream Bike Challenge - Idaho Gives 2017

One last request...ALL BLUE PLEASE!

Every year a very unique and very unexpected story unfolds within the story. In 2015 it was the epic storm that nearly gave us hypothermia, in 2014 it was a little girl named Rudgia that captured out hearts with a toothless smile as she received her very first bicycle.

This year, the story became very obvious when we showed up to Morley Nelson Community Center to distribute or first 8 dream bikes of the day. So just to be clear, most of these bicycles were not new to the kids, they were their old bicycles that we overhauled and transformed into their dream bikes. When we showed up, there was one particular kid, Caleb, that was the most excited about his dream-a-fied bicycle. He wanted one that was “blue everywhere”, and we had done our best. The only problem, his old bicycle was about 2 sizes too small, and even thought he was thrilled beyond belief, I couldn’t let him ride away on it.

Even though the bike-unveiling scene was chaotic in the best of ways, we managed to find Caleb’s Grandfather, and we made a deal. Take the bike home, and we would show up later that night with an even bluer and even bigger bicycle and trade him straight across. So that is what we are doing now, building the bluest bike imaginable, and getting ready for a bonus pedal powered journey that will take us well over the 100 mile mark.

We are doing this, because we believe in the freedom and opportunity a bicycle can create for a kid like Caleb. We’ve been this kid. You’ve been this kid too.

There is one last deal we would like to make, and it’s with you. Caleb has only received $125 in donations for his upcoming 100 mile journey. The Boise Bicycle Project’s Board of Directors,, including myself are willing to match every donation that helps him get to $1,000. We need your help to make this dream come true, and to help Caleb raise $1000 that will help kids just like him benefit from our youth programs. 100% of funds go to his journey that raises money for Earn-a-Bike.

We need your help. We need YOU to power the journey. All it takes is $10, and the more individual donations the better! So please share this post with everyone you know to make another BBP miracle happen.

Ride On Boise,