Ride On!

You've ridden with us for a decade Boise, and we can't thank you enough! Now it's time to RIDE ON!

To the 100s of folks that pedaled down to the BBP 10 Year Anniversary & Appreciation Celebration, thank you! We can't tell you how much it meant to share such a momentous occasion with our untiring stokers. To all of the amazing people who couldn't make it but share the BBP love nonetheless, thank you! We felt your love from afar.

From the BBP History Ride at the beginning, to the Spicy Rider Dance Party ending at midnight, it was an unforgettable night. Somewhere in between I gave an experimental presentation covering our 10 year pedal-powered journey together. It definitely wasn't polished, but I hope I accomplished my goal of telling the unbelievably impactful history of BBP and the unfathomably dedicated individuals (Staff, Board, Volunteers, Members, and Supporters) who've made it all possible.

Congrats to:

Chris O'Brien (Volunteer of the Year)
Katharine Cross (Stoker of the Year)
Clancy Anderson (Volunteer of the Decade)
John Griffin (BBP Lifetime Achievement Award)


Because of everyone's hard work, there has never been a time in Boise's history that bicycles, bicycle repair, and bicycle education have been more available to the entire community than they are today.

That is absolutely undeniable. And, there has never been a time when Boise has been more poised to take it's bicycle identity and culture a giant step further. That is absolutely exhilarating

What we've done TOGETHER as a COMMUNITY and a TEAM has been transformative, and now is the time to celebrate, reflect, and reenergize. When we wake up tomorrow, it will be time to RIDE ON and to keep building on the momentum and foundation we've all created.

Last night I ended the presentation with 4 big asks, and I'd like invite those who weren't there to engage in those asks today.

1. Come laugh with us! On Tuesday Oct 17th, Josh Wolf, one of the country's top comedians will be shooting a live comedy special and benefit for the Boise Bicycle Project at the Knitting Factory [Boise]. Get your tickets here. https://goo.gl/uUU7qm

2. If you're not a card carrying BBP member, now is the time to join the team. If you are a member, we're challenging you to share the love and recruit one more person to join this incredible ride before the end of the year. http://www.boisebicycleproject.org/membership-program/

3. Volunteer at this year's Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway. Over 400 little lives will be transformed on Dec 16th. If you come down and help share the gifts of freedom and opportunity that come with a bicycle, your life might be transformed as well.

4. Keep riding with us. It's been an amazing 10 year journey, and we promise the next 10 years will be nothing less.

RIDE ON BOISE! It's been an honor!

- Jimmy Hallyburton