2016 Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway Review!

On December 17th 2016, BBP and 134 dedicated volunteers braved 4 degree temperatures and donated over 400 refurbished bicycles to some of our valley's most incredible kids. The amazing day was only possible with the tremendous support from the community. From the 100s of volunteers who spent the last 3 months refurbishing the bicycles, to the 100s of community members who donated bicycles when it was looking like we were short the week leading in, to the countless volunteers who came from far and wide to distribute the bicycles, bake cookies for the families, provide warm clothing for some cold kids, make sure new helmets were fitting correcting... The list of what our city accomplished a couple of weeks ago goes on an on, and we should all be so proud. 

A Letter: And They Fed Us Too!

Perhaps this letter we received last week captures it best. 

Dear Adam and to All who make "Kids Bike Giveaway" a wish come true for kids!
Hi Adam, we have never met but we have a mutual friend, Ken Price. My name is Debbie Elizondo the English Language Development and Reading Intervention Teacher at Marsing Elementary School. I'm writing this letter to let you know that Jazmin, Eduardo, and Diego Margarito came to school with grins on their faces and couldn't wait to tell me that they got their bikes! Their precious faces made my heart flutter with joy! Eduardo told me, "I already know my combination and I was so... hungry... and they feed us too!" So cute because Eduardo is all about food. Diego said he got to ride his bike briefly because of the snow but couldn't wait until he could ride his bike longer when the weather is better. He went on to say that they were given helmets and lights, I'm thinking reflectors and Oh My Goodness, Jazmin the youngest with those dimples on each cheek was excited that she had a bike that she can claim her own! Oh yes, little Miss Jazmin was so happy!
Thank you again for your generosity, time, and compassion for giving children the joy of riding those wheels and feelin' the joy of acceleration and independence.Hats go off to You and All those involved in this endeavor.
Attentively, Debblie  

So Many People to Thank

It's hard to start thanking everyone, because so many people made it possible, and were all a crucial link the bicycle chain that powers the journey. If I've managed to leave you off, I apologize, please email jimmy@boisebicycleproject.org and I will get you on their immediately. 

  • ESI Grips: These were the best riding and best looking bikes we've ever given away. A major reason being the 300 beautifully colorful grips you donated to match the "dream bike" colors.
  • Georges Cycles, Boise Green Bike, and BSU's Cycle Learning Center who all volunteered to help fix bicycles for these kids. Georges even offered their locations as a drop off spots. 
  • Lactalis American Group made it possible for every bike to come with a lights, locks, and helmets.
  • The JK and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation came in at the last second and helped provide extra bicycle repair supplies as well as heated tents to keep all of the folks as warm as possible in the frigid temperatures. Lusk St. was the warmest street in Boise!
  • ACHD could not have been more helpful in shutting down Lusk St and making sure it was the most plowed and treated street in the county. The Giveaway would have been close to impossible without them. 
  • The City of Boise Police and Fire Department had both Chiefs on hand and handing out bikes to kids. Plus, the Bicycle Police crew partnered with Safe Routes to make sure every bicycle came with a bicycle safety lesson. 
  • Dawson Taylor, and Roast Coffee warmed hands and toes all day long as they opened their doors to the families and provided free coffee, hot chocolate from the Boise Coop, soup from Life's Kitchen, and homemade snacks/treats from the community at large.
  • Lost Grove Brewery (coming soon) and Jake who let us hijack their space to store over 450 bicycles leading into the giveaway. A true life saver! Jim's Appliance and Furniture housed another 50+ bikes. 
  • MiiR Bicycles shipped 50 brand new MiiR Bambini "scoot bikes" to make sure even the littlest of kids left on two wheels. These might have been some of the biggest smiles of the day. 
  • BBP's incredible staff and volunteers... goes without saying. You're an inspiration to Boise!
  • Last but not least. We need to thank all of the parents who bring their kids down and allow them to be part of this incredible event. They are as big a part of making this gift possible for their kids as anyone and we hope that they see it this way. We are proud to work along side of them, and thankful for being part of the gift or freedom, opportunity, and connection they are creating for their children.