5 Big New Things To Look For at the Tour de Fat

This is the 15th year New Belgium Brewing has delivered the Tour de Fat, their traveling celebration of the bicycle, to Boise. Cities all over the country are fighting hard for a tour stop, but Boise keeps knocking the festival out of the park and New Belgium keeps bringing the love back to Boise. So fa,r the festival has generated over $450,000 for biking in Boise. This year we should blow over the $500,000 mark. But with 14 years under the belt, how do we keep the festival funky fresh and growing strong? 

1. Heart of Boise Parade Route.

Did you know Boise has one of the biggest Pedal-Powered Parades in the country? It's true, and this year we'll be shooting for a new record of 12,000 riders. Unfortunately, as the parade has grown the route has been pushed further and further away from the downtown area in an effort to lower impact on car traffic. NOT THIS YEAR! We are excited to announce that BBP has teamed up with ACHD, the City of Boise, and the Downtown Boise Association to bring the parade back into the heart of downtown Boise while having a minimal impact on through car traffic. This new route will connect 12,000 riders with the empowering, enlightening, and illuminating experience or riding in our unique downtown community! CHECK OUT THE ROUTE CHECK OUT VIDEO REGISTER FOR THE PARADE

2. First Ever Parade Viewing Area at the Saturday Market.

Although we highly recommend riding in the parade, we realize this isn't an option for everyone and want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to experience the powerful impact of 12,000 costumed riders and parade floats celebrating the city we love. We've teamed up with Capital City Public Market to create Boise's first ever Tour de Fat parade viewing area. Bring you lawn chairs, grab a snack from the Market and claim your spot on THE SOUTH SIDE OF IDAHO and 8th ST. The parade will roll through 11:15am-ish, but we strongly recommend establishing your spot no later than 11am. 

3. Not ONE Headlining Band, but TWo! Plus, Even More Live Music

It's been 4 years since The March Fourth Marching Band has made it back to Boise TDF, and we have NOT been waiting patiently. Their legendary performance and after party show in 2012 has cemented them as one of Boise's all-time favorite touring bands! And if that wasn't enough, they'll be sharing the stage with Grammy winning Los Amigos Invisibles. Yes Grammy winning, and unlike anything Boise has ever seen. Some of their music videos are too wild to post on our page, but check all of them out HERE, and enjoy their latest music video below. 

Plus, we've got live music leading and stationed all throughout the Pedal Powered Parade. Look for Rippin' Brass leading the entire parade on the Boise Bicycle Project's parade float. And look for Sunset Goat Trio as the parade cruises by the Saturday Market!

 Rippin' Brass!

Rippin' Brass!

4. First Locally Chosen Car for bike Trader in TDF History!

For the first time in Tour de Fat History the official Car For Bike Trader has been chosen by the local community! Last week the Boise Bicycle Project joined forces with Story Story Night and the Olympic Venue to showcase the life-transforming stories of past Car Traders Lisa Brady and Caitlin Bullock, and to create an opportunity for potential traders to make their 2016 Car for Bike pitch. Four brave souls took the stage, confessed their former car-centric ways, and made their case for representing Boise as the 2016 Car For Bike Trader. After tallying the votes from the audience, the former traders, and the New Belgium Crew (tuning in Facebook live)... expecting father Woody Sobey was selected. On Saturday Woody will go on stage and hand over the keys to Lizzy, his former four-wheeled friend. Lizzy will now live on in two-wheel form as Woody receives $2,250 to build the bike of his dreams and commits to an entire car-free year in Boise. Let's cheer him on at 3:30pm on the Main Stage!  HERE IS WOODY"S WINNING VIDEO

5. 25 YEARS OF NEW BELGIUM IMPACT! $100,000 thank you Gift!

New Belgium turns 25 years old this year, and the official date actually takes place while they're in Boise! With over $450,000 raised in Boise and over $2,000,000 raised for biking across the country, it is truly an honor to be the host city for this unbelievably impactful organization on their big day! So what do they want for their birthday..? They want to Boise to help them raise $100,000 for our local bicycle nonprofits in 1 day! And this is how we do it. 

  • Register for the Parade! Every penny goes to the Boise Bicycle Project and it's mission to get everyone on a bicycle, and it get's you some awesome Tour de Far Swag. We highly recommend the Tour de Fat Boise Patch designed by BBP and highlighting the nonprofit involved! We're the only city in the country with their own TDF patch. 
  • Buy a TDF T-shirt or other limited items at the Souvenir Booth. Every Penny goes to the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance and their efforts to make Boise a safer place to ride. 
  • Drink a New Belgium Beer at the TDF. Every penny goes to SWIMBA and every inch of mountain bike/hiking trail they've dug in Boise and beyond.  



OK BOISE! Lets knock the Biggest day o' the year for biking in Boise right out of the freaking park!