Tonight's BYOB Class!

How Checking Your Chain Will Save Your Gears … and Money: Chain/Cassette/Freewheel Inspection, Replacement, and Lubrication

June 10th, 6:30-8:00pm

(Recommended 2 times a year, immediately if you haven’t checked it for awhile, and definitely if you feel your chain slipping/skipping)

The rest of your bicycle might be running like greased lightning, but a worn-out chain will put an end to that immediately, as well as a dent in your pocket book. Your chain connects your crank and pedals to your gears and rear wheel, and is what makes the bicycle the most efficient machine ever made. Over time, your thick metal gears rub against your thin metal chain causing the chain to run looser or “stretch.” First your chain goes, then your rear gears (cogs), then your front gears (chainrings). If you replace your chain before it wears out, you can save yourself $100s in cog/chainring costs.

Feel free to come into the BBP shop at any time and we’ll help you get your chain dialed in. Or, swing by this week’s BYOB Class (Bring Your Own Bike).

This Week's Class

In this class we will help you check your chain and gears for wear, lube your chain, and replace your chain if needed.  Everyone will leave this class with a smooth running drivetrain.

Can’t make it to class… or looking for a headstart… Check out these chaintastic resources:

Coming Up Next Week ... PEDAL 4 THE PEOPLE!!!