This Week's BYOB Class!

Making Your Bike Stop On A Dime: Brake/Pad Inspection, Adjustment, Replacement

May 27th, 6:30-8:00pm at the BBP Shop

(Recommended 1 time a year or if you hear your brakes grinding/squealing)

Every time you brake, a tiny bit of your brake pad wears away. Sometimes you have brake pads that are contaminated with a few foreign objects picked up from the ground and these can actually wear away the sidewalls of your wheel or disc. Over time, the wearing of your pads cause them to hit the rim at an angle that is less than ideal, which can lead to inefficient braking and terrible noises.

Feel free to come into the BBP shop at any time and we’ll help you get your brakes dialed in. Or, swing by this week's BYOB Class (Bring Your Own Bike).

This Week's Class:

In this class you will learn how to install and adjust your brake pads. Everyone will leave riding a bicycle with more stopping power!

Coming Up Next Week...BBP Talks - Lecture Night at the BBP Shop