This week marks the end of the current Mechanic's Apprentice course. We will have 3 Apprentice graduates with two looking to move in to an internship role with BBP. The students have been working hard over the last 3 weeks to wrap up their hands-on testing. Some skills that the Apprentices are tested on are fixing a flat, truing a wheel, repacking and adjusting hubs, adjusting bottom brackets and headsets, adjusting brakes, and adjusting front and rear derailleurs. Students are allowed to test at their own pace and choose the tests as they go. We will be having a graduation celebration in the coming weeks.

With bike rodeo season in full swing I have been travelling around to various schools representing BBP and in partnership with Safe Routes to School. On May 4th, for National Bike to School Day, Yann and I held a rodeo at North Jr. High School. During their lunch breaks students who rode their bike to school could complete a safety course, get properly fit for a helmet, and compete in a "slow drag" race. The slow drag, where students "raced" as slowly as possible from point to point was the fan favorite. In the coming weeks BBP will be helping with rodeos at Sage International School and Anser Charter School.