Introducing the Freespirit Newsletter Blog

For the last couple of years, we've been battling back and forth with the best way to do construct and broadcast our FreeSpirit Newsletter. I personally really liked our old ones that we overlaid on top of some really cool pieces of vintage paper adorned with vintage bike parts. They looked amazing, but the file size was a burden on you and the content was very limited to the small amount of space available. Then we started using Mailchimp, and they looked good, but they also looked pretty darn generic, and generic is not something we strive for. Then we moved to a different system and we aren't wild about it either. 

Really, the goal is to allow you to engage with BBP on a very intimate, transparent and informative level. Plus it's got to be freaking fun! So, after some feedback we've decided to try something a little different for the next couple of months that incorporates weekly blog posts into a monthly newsletter. We think it will create unparalleled access to BBP and the Bicycle Capitol of America Vision we're striving for on a daily basis. Expect better pictures, more video, diverse content from the multiple voices and programs of BBP. As with new ventures, also expect a few kinks along the way. If it ends up super lame, we'll figure something else out. Your thoughts and feedback are highly valued, so hit up at anytime and we'll build something great together. We think you'll like it. 

Here's the format:

  • 3-4 times a week BBP's Staff will post to our Blog (located on the website, or you can subscribe and get them in your email). 
  • Jimmy, Jen, Cass, Ryan, Adam, Yann and "Mikey and the Mechanics" will take turns posting so you get a variety of perspectives and voices.  
  • 1-2 times a month, we'll have a guest blogger (probably a BBP volunteer, member or partner in the community). 
  • At the end of each month we'll send our Monthly FreeSpirit Newsletter. The Newsletter will feature links to the "Blog Stories of the Month" as well as upcoming classes, events and volunteer opportunities. 

Ride On!
Jimmy Hallyburton