November 2016 FreeSpirit Newsletter


Today's the day after a pretty historic election day, and although we won't get too political or talk about sides, it is important to think about where we came from and where we are going. During the first year of Obama's presidency, he made a "call for service," asking people to volunteer somewhere in their community on Martin Luther King Jr Day. This was shortly after BBP moved into the old Boise Rescue Mission on the corner of Front and 6th St. We had over 60 volunteers show up (still the most BBP has ever had in one volunteer night), and many of them are still making an impact at BBP today. On that day, it felt like the President was right there getting his hands greasy and building community with us. 

Why do I tell this story? Regardless of who you voted for yesterday or how you're feeling about the results this morning, it is important to remember that we are a community and when we come together, we can make great things happen. When you come into BBP, it doesn't matter where you're from, your gender, the color of your skin, the number of dollars in your bank account, or who you voted for. We are a place, and will always be a place, that embraces love, celebrates diversity, and builds community. So regardless of the election, today and together we will double down on our commitment to create impactful opportunities for the entire community.

-Jimmy Hallyburton, Executive Director of BBP



 Jan 2014 Edition

Jan 2014 Edition

This is the banner image from the original BBP "FreeSprit" newsletter in 2010. This and the 2014 editions were my favorite eras of the FreeSpirit, but the file size used to crash most of our audience's computers. From 2007-2009 we were still using training wheels and our newsletters weren't quite "established." 2017 will be year 10 and we'll celebrate by launching an all new version of the FreeSpirit Newsletter that will incorporate some of the classic grassroots stuff with some fancy future tech stuff. We're excited to knock your socks off with design, content, and unprecedented newsletter consistency (we know the last couple of months have been little wacky).


We're Not Hiring... Anymore!!!

We've been on a hiring bonanza for what seems like an eternity, but was actually 2 1/2 months. As of today, the positions are filled and the search for a Shop Manager, Development Director Extraordinaire, and Volunteer Coordinator is over! Charles, Shop Manager, started in September but it seems like he's been here for years. Kelly, Development Director Extraordinaire, moved to Boise from Fort Collins on October 30th and hit the ground running with a full work week followed by a 25-hour League Certified Bicycle Safety Instructor certification over the weekend! Anne Linkert, Volunteer Coordinator and the last piece of the BBP puzzle, flew in from Wisconsin for an interview last week, met the staff, worked a volunteer night, and blew us all away with her passion for the community. Earlier today she officially accepted the position and plans to start November 29th. Anne is a UBI certified mechanic and brings a rich history of volunteering and employment with nonprofit/for-profit bike shops and organizations. We are so excited for this team!


 The hardworking demo crew, salvaging some wood and raising the roof! #RtRtR!

The hardworking demo crew, salvaging some wood and raising the roof! #RtRtR!


New jobs for all skills/skill levels are posted HERE including slots for the 9-Year Appreciation Party on Nov 19th, and a new opportunity to work with kids in our Youth Earn-a-Bike pilot program. 

The Youth Earn-A-Bike program is for youth ages 12-18. Y-EAB allows youth the opportunity to earn their bike by participating in a series of bike mechanics/maintenance and safety/riding classes. Youth receive their bike on the first day of class and will take their bike home after the 6th session. 
The Youth Earn-A-Bike helper will work directly with youth as they learn a new skill each week. Y-EAB helpers should have basic bike mechanic's skills such as overhauling hubs/headsets/bottom brackets. Youth Earn-A-Bike offers volunteers a unique opportunity to work directly with the youth receiving the bike. Bring your skills and a high-five and help some of Boise's youth earn some wheels of their own!    
-Adam Smith

Sign up for 1 of 100s of volunteer shifts here. 


Saved by the Bicycle Bell... BBP's 9-Year Appreciation Party

On Nov 19th BBP will celebrate 9 years with a 90s themed "Saved by the Bicycle Bell" Appreciation Party. If you've ever been involved with BBP since 2007 or are thinking about getting involved, you need to be at this party. It is our way of saying thank you for making BBP possible and celebrating the impact you've created with BBP. It's also a heck of way to kick off year freakin 10!

The party is free, but you must RSVP HERE!

It's 90s theme, and all ages, so come dressed and ready to do the Tootsee Roll! We will meet at BBP at 6pm and show you how construction is going before hopping on our bicycles for a pedaled powered group ride to the mega party at the The Linen Building.

  • It’s free to get in. Get your tickets and RSVP here 
  • Free food, from tHe FuNkY tAco and food trucks
  • 2 free beers from 10 Barrel Brewing Boise
  • or 2 free old timey sodas from Boise's Bakery
  • Free 90s themed Guru Donuts
  • Free entertainment from DJ @Psycache,
  • Free dance party after the award ceremony
  • Bitting for the huge silent auction is not free, but it will knock your socks off anyway

Basically, your support for BBP over the years, and especially during our Riding to Raise the Roof campaign has covered all of your expenses for the night. Invite your friends and get ready to par-tay!


More Events and Ways to support BBP...