Wood Yew Be Onboard Fir This?

Anyone want to help us salvage this lumber?


Construction is in full swing at the Boise Bicycle Project, and we couldn't be more excited! Yesterday we pulled the drywall and insulation down from the ceiling and holy cow!

Wood Yew Be Onboard Fir This?

If we had known how beautiful it was, we wood have torn it down long ago. But all is knot lost! Instead of pining for this lost wood, we can salvage it ourselves and use it to spruce up the new expansion. So, if you're lumbering around on Saturday or a little board, we could use your ashistance in swinging a hammer and you maple nails. Willow you one for your hard work, so don't firget to log your volunteer hours. If we get enough folks it woodwork pretty fast. Ok, I'll stop before yew're sycamore of these puns.


Seriously. We'll be ripping up these boards starting at 9am on Saturday (October 29th). If you're able to lend a hand, please bring a hammer and gloves and meet us in the alley! Please email Jimmy@boisebicycleproject.org if you'd like to help.

Thank yew ahead of time!


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