It's October and "We're Back in the Saddle Again."

Letter From Jimmy...

After 2 months of enormous change, growth, and evolution, it feels like we are indeed “back in the saddle again.” It doesn’t mean the journey is over or that more changes aren’t on the horizon, but it feels like we’ve hit our stride and the road ahead is bright as can be. To everyone who volunteered at BBP in September and October, THANK YOU! We set new back-to-back records in volunteer hours. We couldn’t have made it through this time of growth without you. THANK YOU!

Shop Update...

The next time you swing by, you will notice that we’re under full construction. There will be holes in the wall, holes in the roof, and holes in the floor. There will be days when the HVAC isn’t working and you’ll need a jacket. There will be days when the lights flicker off and on. There will be days when jackhammers block out the music from our “Death Star” speakers. And probably most unfortunately, there will be days when bathroom is out of order and you’ll need to either hold it or grab a coffee next door and use their powder room instead (go "grande" coffee or smaller though, otherwise you’ll be right back over there… coffee/powder room humor). Despite the obstacles, the front of the shop will remain open, the pedal wrenches will remain turning, and the show will go on.

At this point it is very unlikely that the expansion will be complete by the Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway on December 17th. Don't worry, we have quite the dynamic back up plan to distribute more bikes on the big day than ever. Say tuned in November for details. Get ready to go mobile!

To maximize your support and the donations from the community during the Riding to Raise the Roof campaign, we will be using a lot of staff and volunteer hands to wrap up the finishing touches on the build. This will save some massive RtRtR dollars and give us an opportunity to inject some of our classic BBP flavor into our new space. I’ve been collecting barnwood and scrap metal for months now, have some great ideas for repurposed and recycled elements, and have included a wish list for other expansion needs at the bottom of this post. The finished product will be one of the most functional, purpose driven, and unique community centers in the country. We still have some time to make adjustments so...


Add your own incredibly innovative ideas to our

BBP Expansion Pinterest Page


Time to Celebrate...

Traditionally we celebrate our Anniversary/Appreciation Party in October (because that’s the month Brian and I launched this place in 2007). We had the official 9-year party slated for Oct 22nd, but decided to bump it to Nov 19th in hopes that construction would be complete and we could unveil the new building. Well, that’s definitely not going to happen, but there is still a mountain of milestones to celebrate, and plenty of reasons to dance.  So let's make it official!

You're Invited on November 19th


(BBP’s 9-year 90s themed Annual Appreciation Party)

RSVP Today!

We'll meet at BBP at 6pm for a quick construction tour before hopping on our bicycles for a pedaled powered group ride to the massive party at the Linen Building. BBP's got you covered with 

  • free admission if you RSVP HERE or on FACEBOOK
  • free food from Funky Taco
  • 2 free beers from New Belgium or 2 free old timey sodas from Soda Works
  • free Guru donuts
  • awesome silent auction
  • free entertainment from DJ Psycache
  • free 90s hip hop dance party after the award ceremony

Basically, your support for BBP over the years, and especially during our Riding to Raise the Roof campaign has covered all of you expenses for the night. Please block it out on your calendar and invite all of your friends. This is our way of showing our appreciation to the entire community, and our appreciation for YOU! Check out some past appreciation party memories below. 

Volunteer Coordinator Status...

We’re still looking for the world’s greatest Volunteer Coordinator. We’ve interviewed some amazing people, are doing a round of follow up interviews with some of our top candidates, and are still taking applications. We know that perfect fit is out there, and it’s just a matter of time before we find them, or they find us. This is a huge hire and we're not taking it lightly. If you think you have what it takes, apply here and apply now!

To all of our amazing volunteers who've been keeping us afloat during this vacancy, hold on tight, keep up the amazing work, and keep an eye out for that special someone that will create unparalleled and unprecedented volunteer impact in our community. 


Volunteer Opportunities...

  • Swing by for one of our Volunteer Nights, every Thursday from 6-8pm. No orientation needed.
  • If Thursday nights aren't your gig, or if you're looking for more, sign up for 1 of 200 other Volunteer shifts in October. We've got jobs for all skills and experience levels. 
  • Or join our 9-year Appreciation Party Planning Committee. The next meeting is on Tuesday October 25th, 6pm at BBP followed by every Tuesday till the big day. 


Charles In Charge...

 Click on the picture to see some of Charles'  handy work as he helps out a lady in need. 

Click on the picture to see some of Charles'  handy work as he helps out a lady in need. 

I've been in Boise for about a month now and have been loving every minute of it! The BBP is amazing and I've really enjoyed working with all of the volunteers, mechanics, and shop participants who have contributed to the shop lately. If you haven't been down to the BBP in a while, come check out the shop (construction is finally underway) and meet all the new BBP folks who are helping transform lives with bikes!  We have several new mechanics in the shop, including two BBP Apprenticeship graduates (Nic and Camille) and Omar, a New American with decades of mechanic experience in bike shops in Syria and Jordan.  

The BBP's space is a little smaller while we patiently await the completion of construction, but we're using the challenge of a condensed shop to refine our work. Join us for a Volunteer Night (Thursdays 6-8PM) to help with some organizational projects or the fast-approaching Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway. 


COnstruction Wish List...

  • Metal Siding / Roofing (Sheet or corrugated metal)
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Road Signs (all shapes and sizes)
  • Vintage 2-3 faucet sink 
  • Metal Lockers
  • Old Enamel Lights
  • Barn Wood