Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway 2017

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Every December, BBP and its dedicated volunteers organize a massive Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway.

Kids are referred by local non-profit organizations, schools, social workers, after school programs, and other like-minded organizations. Many of these kids have never owned a bicycle. Most of these kids have the cards stacked against them. All of the kids deserve a chance for a brighter path.

On Saturday, December 16th BBP plans to put 400 kids on that path of opportunity, and you can make that possible. 


How can you support BBP & the Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway?


By adopting a kids bike, you're giving a gift that could potentially change a life, because it's so much more than a bike. It's the freedom you felt when you left the driveway for the first time. It's the independence of reaching where you need to go. It's the rolling connection between you and your community. 

Soon, we will post drawings of "dream bikes," turned in by kids wishing to receive bicycles this year. We use these drawing to identify the perfect bike for every kid. By adopting a dream bike or an entire community group, you are covering the cost transforming a donated bicycle into a dream bicycle. Each bike comes with a lock, light, helmet, and safety lesson. 

With your Adopt-a-Kids Bike we will send you a digital picture of the new owner and their new dream bike that you made possible before Christmas. Adopting a bicycle makes a wonderful holiday present for the person that has everything! 


Volunteer for the Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway

The Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway is a massive event and needs a lot of helping hands to make it successful. There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities, from fixing and dreamify-ing kids bikes leading up to the Giveaway, making phone calls to families receiving a bike reminding them of the date and time, to making the magic happen day of. Please stay tuned for volunteer shifts to be posted. If you'd like to be involved in planning or at the volunteer leadership level, please contact


Support BBP through a grassroots donation

Giving to BBP at any level supports our mission and helps us continue to make an impact all year long. Beyond the Christmas Kids Bike Giveaway, we give bikes to kids during our Kids B.A.S.H.s, host Free Kids Fix-it nights and Mobile Bike Repair sessions to keep these kids rolling. Our Earn-a-Bike classes help older youth earn a bike of their own, while also teaching them valuable bike maintenance skills. We also continually provide affordable bikes and parts to our community, so anyone, regardless of income can know the transformative power of a bicycle. Every dollar we receive supports these programs and keeps Boise riding all year long.



Adopt a Child's Dream Bike! Thank you so much!

With your amazing support we hope to have another great giveaway this year. Please stay tuned for information to come!