The 24 Hour Dream Bike Challenge - Idaho Gives 2017

During Idaho Gives on May 4th, BBP will embark on a 24 Hour Dream Bike Challenge: 24 kids' bikes dreamified in 24 hours.

The Problem:

Since 2007, the Boise Bicycle Project has donated over 5000 bicycles to children from the Treasure Valley and beyond. For many of these kids, it is their very first bicycle. Despite our many efforts with Kids Fix-It Nights and Mobile Bike Repair, some of these kid's bicycles still fall into disrepair. Whether it's a rubbing brake, a squeaky chain, or a flat tire, these seemingly minor repairs can bring an end to the life-changing opportunities a bicycle can provide. 

Every May BBP hosts a month long Kids Bike-a-Thon, challenging kids from around Idaho to ride 100 miles in 31 days. Bike-a-Thon helps raise money and awareness for BBP's Youth Earn-a-Bike and Kids Fix-It programs. This year we found 24 kids who desperately wanted to participate in Bike-a-Thon, but whose bikes are currently broken.

The Solution:

SO we asked ourselves how can we make these kids' Bike-A-Thon dreams come true? 

We're going to steal their bikes! Not really, but kind of.

Starting at midnight on May 4, BBP mechanics and volunteers will embark on a 24-hour Idaho Gives journey picking up, fixing up, and transforming these 24 kid's bicycles into their dream rides. Don't worry, their parents know all about it. And at 3:30pm, right when they're getting out of school, we will show up and unveil their dreamified bicycle to each of them! We can't wait to see their faces and we can't wait to ride with them as their own Bike-a-Thon journey begins.

There's only one thing missing... YOU!

Yes, we’ll be pedaling nonstop for 24 hours, repairing and delivering bicycles to kids and creating all sorts of bicycle goodness throughout Boise, but we’re not asking you to “power OUR journey.” We’re asking you to power the journey of these 24 KIDS.

Once they’ve received their dream bikes, each of these 24 kids has pledged to ride 100 miles during May’s Bike-a-Thon. Their goal is to raise $1000 each to make it possible for their brothers, sisters, classmates, and friends to participate in BBP’s free bicycle and repair programs. Our goal is to give them all of the tools and support they need to start pedaling!

You can power their journey mile by mile with your $10 donations. Every $10 during Idaho Gives brings one of these kids 1 mile closer to their 100 goal for the month.

Simply #hashtag the name of the kid you'd like to support when you make your $10 donation!

Your donation during the 24 Hour Dream Bike Challenge directly supports BBP's Youth Earn-a-Bike and Kids Fix-It Program, making it possible for even more kids to enjoy the freedom and opportunity a bicycle can create.

Thank you for powering the journey!


Thank you to our dream bike community stokers!